Comments from Previous tenants

“It was fantastic living in Club157 ” – JW from Aachen Germany

“Hello Peter. I want to thank you for everything. I enjoyed a lot living in club157. It’s a great envionment to live”
– MM from Columbia

“I have had a really good time living in the house”
– OT from Argentina

“Thank you for being very accommodating and a good landlord over these past 6 months”
– KI from South Africa

“Dear Peter, I am letting you know that I want to hand in my notice with effect from
today. My last night in the house will be Sunday the 28th of April. This means that I now wont make the 4 year mark in the house but I have enjoyed my time at Club157 very much and I have many good memories”

“my room is beginning to feel more like home every day. Thank you”
– SG from Holland Sept 2001

“After what almost seems like an eternity I have decided to move to Chiswick to be closer to the office. I surely enjoyed living at “The Club” and have met a lot of interesting people there.”
-AE from Germany Sep 2003