There are seven bedrooms in the house varying in size as described below. There is a shared lounge with cable television and each room is wired for its own cable television and cable phone. The cable phone can be connected by each person and they take a direct contract with Virgin Media (this is subject to their credit checking) and pay only the charges direct to Virgin Media. For those not requiring the luxury of a phone in their room there is a communal payphone in the hallway.

Ground floor
Ground Floor
First floor
First Floor


The bedrooms

BedSizeDescription & PhotosLocationAvailability
14.45m x 4.2m (18.69m2)Bedroom 1First floor frontNone
22.25m x 2.9m (6.53m2+built in storage)Bedroom 2First floor frontNone
34.5m x 3.6m (16.2m2)Bedroom 3First floor rearNone
43.85m x 2.7m (10.4m2+built in cupboards)Bedroom 4First floor rearNone
55.6m x 3.65m (20.4m2)Bedroom 5Ground floor rearNone
64.6m x 4.15m (19.1m2)Bedroom 6Ground floor frontNone
74.6m x 2.25m (10.35m2)Bedroom 7BasementNone